Hasegawa Ladders: The Ultimate Two Step Ladder

Are you tired of always not being able to reach certain places due to your height? Always looking for a chair or stool then tiptoe to reach high places in your home? Need a ladder such as a Two Step Ladder to help you? Well, I have just the solution for you! Introducing Hasegawa Ladders!

Lucano Step Ladder

The modern step ladders are so popular as it is not only aesthetically pleasing but practical as well.

It also saves space as it is compact and foldable. If you have a small home, then this is the perfect small foldable ladder for you! It is also lightweight and very safe.

The perfect stair ladder for you to reach any area in your home.

Hasegawa offers different options for their lucano ladder such as the 1-step, 2-step, 3-step and 4-step but today I will be sharing my experience and giving a review on their two step ladder

two step ladder
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Before Buying A Two Step Ladder

The reason why people get a ladder is because they need to get to higher places. 

A ladder is able to increase your height so that you are able to be taller and reach areas that you once were not able to. 

If your house is small, sometimes you would need to place items on top of each other or in areas that you would not be able to reach with your current height.

The stair ladder is also suitable for people who are not tall and require additional support when they are home alone and have to depend on themselves.

If you have a small home and are looking for a product that is not only stylish, sleek and modern but able to act as a chair and stool as well, then you should get the Hasegawa ladder but if you feel that you are tall enough to reach the high areas in your home and have enough decorations all around then I would not recommend you getting this two step ladder.

I would also not recommend you get this ladder if you are doing construction works and require heavy lifting of items, instead you can take a look at Hasegawa’s Tripod (Orchard) Ladders which is more for industrial and commercial use.

Lucano Step Ladder

Before buying this minimalistic, 2 step folding ladder, a few thing you will have to consider:

  1. Hasegawa is a designer product.
    • It might exceed your budget. It is a luxury designer ladder built for a wide variety of household and commercial applications. Fashion boutique stores such as Bottega Veneta, Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Hermès are widely using it in Singapore. Hence, the price might be considered expensive for you.
  2. Hasegawa Ladders has different series and designs.
    • They have many different series including the Lucano series so you will have to consider what kind of ladders you need. If a home ladder is what you are looking for then the Lucano series is for you!

Why Choose Hasegawa Two Step Ladder

Hasegawa Kogyo, the top manufacturer of ladders and scaffolding in Japan since 1956.

The step stool ladder has received many design accolades, including the Red Dot Design, Good Design and JIDA Design Museum selection awards.

The two step ladder are design ladders that are part of Hasegawa’s Lucano series where each ladder is specially handcrafted and is extremely cared for when bought.

The 2 step folding ladder has safety bars so it is easy to fold and you don’t have to worry about pinching your fingers and hurting yourself.

It is made up of aluminium and steel but it is weatherproof so you do not have to worry about the ladder rusting! It is also lightweight and compact so it saves you lots of space!

If you are looking for ladders that are not made of metal, you can look for other alternatives such as Kartell’s €319 ($379) steel-and-black-plastic Tiramisù or Design House Stockholm’s folding Step ($649) which is made of Oak.

Pros Of Two Step Ladder

Cons Of Two Step Ladder

  • Not Suitable With Objects More Than 225 lbs.

Lucano Step Ladder

Features & Benefits Of Hasegawa Ladders

The Hasegawa Ladders are part of the Lucano series, it is a design step stool ladder that has a perfect mix of design and convenience.

It is also very safe and that makes them a must for every household and retail store.

Hasegawa offers different options for their lucano ladder (including a 1-Step, 3-Step and 4-Step), but I feel that the 2-Step has to be the most functional one without sacrificing too much space compared to the 3-Step and 4-Step. The 1-Step is good as well but I feel that It is much too small for everyday usage.

The slim step ladder is also multifunctional and can act as a stool to sit on while you tie your shoes. Need an extra chair during a meeting?

It is there for you to sit on. It also acts as a mini table to put small things such as your car keys.

Sturdy yet visually appealing, the lightweight step stool weighs only 6.6 lbs, is streamlined and reduced to only the essentials.

Lucano Ladder
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Lucano Step Ladder

The two step ladder’s dimensions are 22.25″ W (6.00″ when closed) x 19.00″ L x 22.00″ H (24.50″ when closed). Lower step is 2.60″ W. Top step measures 6.10″ W x 12.40″ L, raises you 22.00″ above the ground. It also supports up to 225 lbs.

lucano two step ladder specs
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Finally, the two step ladder also comes in many different colours such as red, orange, white, black and mint green, there are also premium editions that come in bronze, silver and gold which I feel looks gorgeous and will definitely impress your guests!

2 step folding ladder
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Hasegawa Ladders Review By Happy Customers

On websites such as FOOD52 where they sell the Hasegawa Lucano Ladders, customers are happy and are giving good reviews. They agree that it’s an incredible product giving the ladder 5 stars!

hasegawa reviews

Lucano Step Ladder

Where Can You Get The Hasegawa Ladders

Amazon is an e-commerce website where they sell ranges of things from bathroom appliances to car equipment.

It is one of the most used websites to get items since it has an A-to-Z guarantee and it covers both the delivery and condition upon receipt. You can get either the premium edition or normal edition.

You can get your Hasegawa Ladders here.

Conclusion For Hasegawa Ladders Review

Ladders are like your mini assistant. They will always be of use to you in times of need when you are not able to reach something high.

They help increase your current height and easily access things that you are not able to reach. 

Hasegawa Ladders are made in Japan, built with aluminium and steel then topped off with a power-coated (matte) finish that is durable and won’t be damaged easily.

They are designed such that it does not have to lean against a wall when closed. This thus saves lots of space and is incredibly portable especially if you have a small home!

In addition, the small foldable ladders are not only useful but they are also modern looking and aesthetically pleasing. Truly an impressive design product!

Finally, the most obvious choice would be to go for Hasegawa’s Lucano two step ladder since I feel that it is the most practical for everyday usage, it is one of the most used equipment in my home ever since I bought it.

I have found it to be worth my money since It also acts as a sleek decoration to my small and cosy home. Even my cat seems to like climbing on it and sleeping on it!

So, what are you waiting for? Get your hand-assembled, incredibly cared for Hasegawa Lucano Ladder right now!

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Lucano Step Ladder

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