Lucano Step Ladder – The Best Elegant Indoor Step Ladder For Homes

Today, I will talk about an elegant indoor step ladder that can be used in your homes, be it in your garden, bathroom, kitchen or anywhere in your house. Introducing the Lucano Step Ladder!

Lucano Step Ladder

Ladders have been with humankind for more than a century. No one really knows when the ladder was actually invented but according to an old painting that’s about 10,000 years old, It was proven that people used the ladder to get honey from beehives on trees.

Usually, people don’t really think about a ladder unless they really need to reach something that is not within their height.

Have you ever felt that you were always tip toeing to reach the high places in your apartment?

Are you always looking for small stools or chairs to increase your height and reach areas that you can’t reach?

lucano step ladder
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What Are Lucano Step Ladders?

Lucano Step Ladders are ladder steps made by Hasegawa. Hasegawa is a Japan company and has been the top manufacturer of ladders and scaffolding in Japan since 1956.

The lightweight step ladder has received many design accolades, including the Red Dot Design, Good Design and JIDA Design Museum selection awards. 

Hasegawa are the ones behind Lucano Step Ladders, one of their many other different series of ladders, it is sturdy yet visually appealing.

It is also lightweight and has an elegant modern design that will surely impress guests in your house!

Are The Ladders Susceptible Of Rusting?

rusting ladder

Lucano Step Ladders are made of both aluminium and steel which are metals that are light and capable of rusting.

However, Hasegawa has made sure that the stepping ladder is weatherproof, meaning that It will not rust when the ladder gets wet.

So, you do not have to worry about the stepping ladder rusting and deteriorating!

Lucano Step Ladder

What Makes Lucano Step Ladders So Special?

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Lucano Step Ladders can actually not only be used as an indoor step ladder but can act also as a stool and mini table!

You are also able to stand the ladders and is designed so that it does not have to lean against a wall when they are closed.

This feature saves lots of space and looks aesthetically pleasing! It is both a work or art and a useful object. 

The folding step stools are also extremely cared for since they are all hand assembled. It is light and durable as it is made of aluminium and steel. 

Different Options For The Lucano Step Ladders

Hasegawa offers different options for their Lucano Step Ladders.

This includes the Lucano 1-Step, 2-Step, 3-Step, 4-Step, and also the wider version of the 2-Step and 3-Step.

 They also come in different colours such as black, white, orange, red and even premium edition colours such as bronze, silver and gold which I think look gorgeous. 

Lucano Step Ladder

Dimensions Of The Lucano Step Ladders

For the 1-Step Ladders, It has a W 15.25″ x H 9.5″ x D 13.25″ when opened and a W 15.25″ x H11″ x D 6″ when closed. It weighs 3.7lbs and has a capacity of 225lbs.

For the 2-Step Ladders, It has a W 19″ x H 22″ x D 22.25″ when opened and a W 19″ x H 24.5″ x D 6″ when closed. It weighs 6.6lbs and has a capacity of 225lbs.

For the 3-Step Ladders, It has a W 20.75″ x H 48″ x D 29″ when opened and a W 20.75″ x H 52.5″ x D 6″ when closed. It weighs 11lbs and has a capacity of 225lbs.

For the 4-Step Ladders, It has a W 22.75″ x H 59″ x D 38.25″ when opened and a W 22.75″ x H 64.25″ x D 6″ when closed. It weighs 14.7lbs and has a capacity of 225lbs.

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Where Can You Use The Ladder?

You can use the ladder anywhere in your home, be it in your garden, bathroom, kitchen or living room. It is the perfect kitchen step ladder for your home!

You can bring it almost anywhere since it is so portable!

Lucano Step Ladders Are Designer Products

The folding step ladders are of this price due to its incredible quality and also because they are designer products.

Fashion boutique stores such as Bottega Veneta, Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Hermès are widely using it in Singapore.

Lucano Step Ladder

Products For Lucano Step Ladders

This section will be on the different options you can get for the Lucano Step Ladders

  1. Lucano 1-Step
    1. Pros
      1. Since it is only a one-step, it definitely does not take up too much space, it is the most compact compared to the other ladders
      2. It is also the lightest compared to the rest of the ladders
      3. It is extremely easy to clean
      4. Comes in a wide variety of colours, so you do not have to worry about them not having at least one of your favourite colours!
      5. It is perfect as a footrest as it is short enough for you to be able to stretch your legs out and rest it on the stool
    2. Cons
      1. It is the smallest of the ladders so it might not be high enough for you to reach the high places in your home
  2. Lucano 2-Step
    1. Pros
      1. It is the ideal size for bathrooms and kitchens, It isn’t too tall but not too short as well
      2. It is easy to clean as well 
      3. Tall enough that it can act as both a stool and a small table
      4. Wide range of colour options as well
      5. Aesthetically pleasing so you can display it in the living room and impress your guests! 
    2. Cons
      1. It is not suitable for objects weighing more than 225 lbs

Lucano Step Ladder


An indoor step ladder is supposed to help with your daily lives and make it easier to get by everyday.

The Lucano step ladder does exactly that and also acts as a gorgeous decoration to your apartment. 

Therefore, the best step ladder for home would have to be the Lucano 2-Step.

It is the ideal size for kitchens and bathrooms and it is compact enough to be placed anywhere especially if you have a small apartment.

The Lucano 1-Step is small but I feel that It is much too small for everyday usage in your home while the 3-Step and 4-Step are too big for an indoor step ladder for homes. 

conclusion lucano step ladders
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Lucano Step Ladder

The 2-Step ladder can also act as a small stool and table if guests want a place to put something or sit down and chat with you while the 1-Step is too small to act as both a stool and table, it is only able to be used as a footrest.

The 3-Step and 4-Step is much too tall to be able to use as both a stool and a table.

Thus, the most obvious choice would be to go for the Lucano 2-Step since it’s truly an indoor step ladder that is most suitable for homes. 

If you would like to find out more about Hasegawa and their 2-Step ladder, you might want to check out this article here

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